The Active World Wide Web

Throughout my campaign, my goal has to been raise awareness on the lack of physical activity our children are getting in our country.  Adolescents should be getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Less than 3 out of 10 high school students are actually reaching this number and that is a very discouraging number.  My goal is for people reading these blogs to understand the power that physical activity has in helping maintain healthy communities and healthy lifestyles.

In order to get the word out about trying to improve these exercise habits, I am going to be sharing with my audience a few different forms of social media that I will be using.  Social media is one of the biggest things going on in our generation right now and if I can reach a large crowd of people through that medium, it can be very beneficial to the campaign.


Twitter is probably my favorite social media website out of all the many different ones out today.  Twitter is useful because it can get out short and succinct messages in a variety of ways.  The maximum character count on Twitter is 140 characters but you can also post lengthy videos and multiple pictures at once.  Twitter is also very easy to scroll through and personally, I use it in order to stay updated on certain news topics since people tweet about stuff as it is happening. The only drawback to using twitter is that it will take multiple posts to tell a long story where as with other social media platforms, you can do it all in one post.


Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms out today.  Today, there are more than one billion active users on Facebook.  Facebook can be a very helpful platform to use just for the sheer amount of people that access Facebook on the daily.  It is more common for your grandmother to have Facebook than a Twitter because the interface of Facebook is more user friendly thus giving it a larger amount of people who can use it with all of its features.  Also, you have the opportunity to do longer posts on Facebook so trying to tell a story or get out a message in one post is much easier.

There is a lot of stuff on Facebook that can be seen as misleading though.  In one of my previous posts, I warned of using Facebook as a source of information because of the opportunity for people to post incorrect information.  In my posts, I would make sure that the information I’m using is all coming from credible sources and that none of it will infringe on any copyright laws.


Vimeo is a social media network I am not as connected to, but can still be very viable in getting out information about a topic.  Through using Vimeo, you can keep people updated in a different type of way by posting videos and giving people realistic visuals.  I have created a Vimeo account in which I have already posted a video addressing the topic I decided to campaign.  The video that I posted was just an introduction to the importance that I am trying to stress about stressing physical activity to children and the different programs that are out there.

I hope that these social media accounts can help spread my message in a different way other than just reading these posts. Also, feel free to follow any of my accounts!



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